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From Spice Routes to Healthy Bites: My Culinary Journey as a Mom

Food has always been the language of love in my life. Growing up Bangladeshi, every meal was a vibrant tapestry of spices, textures, and traditions. My parents, who now call sunny Italy home, instilled in me a deep appreciation for fresh, seasonal ingredients. Then came my adventures in the Philippines, where I discovered a whole new world of flavours and cooking techniques. Life took another delicious turn when I became a mother to my amazing son and beautiful daughter. Motherhood, as you know, is a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. But amidst the chaos, one thing remained constant: my love for creating healthy, nourishing meals for my family. For eleven years, I worked in the world of healthy food retail. It was there that I witnessed firsthand the struggles and triumphs people face when it comes to healthy eating. I saw the confusion, the overwhelm, and sometimes, the sheer joy of discovery when someone found a healthy recipe they loved. This is where my passion truly ignited. I wanted to bridge that gap, to be a source of inspiration and information for busy families who, like mine, craved delicious and nutritious meals. I started experimenting even more in the kitchen, fusing the flavours of my heritage with the healthy finds I encountered at work. Pregnancy itself was a beautiful exploration of healthy eating for two (and sometimes, it felt like three!). I devoured every article I could find on prenatal nutrition, determined to give my little ones the best possible start. Now, after years of juggling motherhood, work, and my love for healthy cooking, I'm finally fulfilling a long-held dream: launching this blog. This is my space to share my culinary journey, my triumphs and struggles in the kitchen, and most importantly, my passion for helping families live healthier, happier lives through food. So, join me on this adventure! Let's explore new recipes, discover hidden gems in the world of healthy eating, and create memories that linger long after the last bite is gone. Because after all, food is more than just sustenance – it's the foundation for a healthy family, a vibrant life, and a world full of flavour.

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